"3 Decades of Experience AND 7 Years of CLINICAL PROOF with Thousands of Clients"

Lose up to 30 lbs in 28 days, Control Sugar Cravings, Increase Energy and Eliminate Bloating.
WITHOUT Counting Macros or Going to the Gym 

Men and women over 40 are losing up to 10 LBS the VERY FIRST WEEK!!

VOTED: "Best Weight Loss Program" 5 Consecutive Years - Best Of Bay 

See how people just like you are achieving immediate results in Fat Loss, Improved Energy & Strength, Reduced Sugar Cravings, Sleep & Gut Health.

Especially If You've Struggled With Other Programs in the past!!

Jonathan, burdened by his weight since he was in grade school, as a 260 lb 5th Grader, this has been a lifelong struggle for him. Despite trying everything, from programs to pills, nothing brought lasting change. But once he discovered the IMMEDIATE transformation, he was unstoppable! Today, Jonathan shines as has made INCREDIBLE change, lighter than his childhood days, free of medication, and fitter than ever imagined.
Sonja, an ER Nurse, knows all too well the importance of self-care - but like many, her focus on family, home, writing and work led to self-neglect and an 80+lb weight gain. After dozens of futile attempts to lose weight, she found success with the program, losing weight quickly, improving energy and gut health, and gaining confidence in her future health!
For years, Brandon battled weight gain, high blood pressure, and dangerous blood sugar levels. His ultimate goal was to be a healthy husband and father. But after years of struggling and trying different approaches, he finally made the change that he says "saved his life." With a new focus on nutrition and exercise, Brandon lost 50lbs, normalized his blood sugar and saw a huge boost in energy. He's on his way to even greater success, with new goals in sight at Army Ranger School!
Cindy, a talented singer/songwriter, struggled with weight, confidence, and a love for sugar. Despite repeated attempts to get healthy, she couldn't break away. But, things changed. In just days, she noticed a difference, and within weeks, she saw a transformation. She felt different, looked different, and finally knew the steps to take. Armed with a new mindset and tools, Cindy was ready to take on the world!



  • Lose 1LB a DAY - Most People Lose up to 10LBS THE FIRST WEEK 
  • Increased Energy! Imagine NO 2PM Crash and all-day energy
  • Increased strength. Feel strong again like when you were younger!
  • ​Change your relationship with food. Cravings are MINIMAL to NONE
  • Improve Self Esteem. START LOVING your reflection again!
  • ​Have a healthy gut again.  No more Bloating after you eat
  • ​Improve sleep. Imagine a great night's sleep AND feel rested in the AM
  • ​Learn how to eat and why for optimal health/fat loss. Portions first. Macros later
  • ​Build new Habits and learn how EASY and GREAT healthy eating can be long term!


  •  NO WEIGHT LOSS. Says it takes time or pretends like you're losing inches instead.
  •  LESS ENERGY than before! Says to expect to have low energy it's normal for weight loss"
  •  LOSS OF STRENGTH due to poor planning, nutrition and inadequate protein intake
  • ​MAKES CRAVINGS WORSE because your nutrition is WRONG making you crave sweets
  •  MUSCLE LOSS instead of Fat Loss leaves you looking saggy and feeling weak
  • ​BLOATING and stomach pain They often recommend more supplements to try to help
  • ​POOR SLEEP and restlessness due to hunger, low hormones, stimulant-based diet pills
  • ​LEARN NOTHING about proper nutrition, just more confusing info. No long-term changes
  • ​Short-Lived success AT BEST, ultimately ending in backsliding and disappointment

This is just a very small sample of Men and Women Just Like You Who Have Already Applied These Secrets to get AMAZING results!

Rapid Fat Loss
"I just started the program and in 10 short days, I am already down a solid 22.6 pounds. I have better self-peace, consistent motivation and confidence, a better attitude, better health, and increased energy. I can't WAIT to see where I'm at in another 2 weeks"!
Increased Energy!
"Fatigue and brain fog was a normal thing I had become accustomed to before I started! I had amazing mental clarity and natural energy from day 1 and it never has went away! I know I should have expected it, but it was still an incredible change! I don't ever want to go back"!

REAL Strength Gains
"I wasn't really overweight in the traditional sense, but I wasn't healthy or happy with my appearance by a long-shot. I'm married, have kids and am busier than ever, which is what contributed to me getting out of shape. Although I'm leaner than I've ever been, I'm also MUCH STRONGER at 140lbs than I EVER was at 170lbs! I wish I would have done this sooner"!
Healthier Relationship with Food
"My thought process and relationship with food has totally changed. Instead of fighting temptation or seeking comfort food I am now able to show myself LOVE by making healthy choices. I have learned to make food only about fuel and not about indulging, an occasion, a holiday, an event or a deserved treat. I DESERVE to be healthy, that's what I DESERVE".


  • Men and Women over 40 Wanting to Lose 15-30lbs+ in 28 Days: MOST people lose up to 10LBS the 1st WEEK!
  • Perfect If You've Tried & Failed before : Failure is impossible, but quitting isn't. FAST RESULTS = Desire to GO! 
  • If you've been neglecting yourself for years : It's time to put yourself first so you can take better care others
  • Best if you want REAL results REAL FAST: MOST people lose up to 10LBS week 1 AND start healing their gut
  • If you're sick of having Low energy: Stop feeling twice your age and crashing every day at 2:00!
  • Are you someone who wants your confidence & self esteem back: Imagine loving who you see in the mirror!
  • ​Ideal for someone who is ready to commit and go all in: Are you done with the excuses & READY to change?
  • You have the discipline & desire but lack the know how: Desire must be met with knowledge. Here you go!



Just a simple to follow, results driven program that’s focused on results.

Based on 30 years of practical experience, proven effective in a clinical setting with people just like you.

FULL - Audio Program Walkthrough and Explanation With COACH JT!

The entire program was designed to be super-easy to understand, simple and very detailed, BUT, Coach has taken it a step further and included a COMPLETE audio walkthrough of the entire program. Just click the link and follow along as he offers even more detail and personal tips/tricks to crushing the 28-Day Keto Kickstart. (Coach will also share his personal success tips)!!

Meal by Meal Portion Recommendations PLUS Meal Plan Examples 

Even if you eat the right types of foods, you still have to watch your portions and the amount of Protein vs Fat vs Carbs you have. The 28-day Keto Kickstart has you covered! To make it EASY, it includes specific Meal-By-Meal recommendations and EXAMPLES as well as how much Protein vs Fat vs Carbs you should have for the day and for each meal!

Meal Frequency Guidelines

How many meals should you be having per day and how often should you be having them? Don't worry, The 28-Day Keto Kickstart comes with recommendations and options right down to the number of meals you should have per day to the number of hours apart WITH EXAMPLES!

Home-Based Exercise Guide WITH Full Illustrations + Cardio Recommendations  

NO GYM REQUIRED! You can workout from the comfort of your own home without ANY equipment whatsoever! Our own bodyweight provides plenty of options and even some additional benefits beyond normal weight training. The 28-Day Keto Kickstart comes with detailed guidelines, descriptions, variations, and there's even bonuses throughout to SUPERCHARGE your results if you want!

Fasting Guidelines PLUS How to AVOID Keto Flu 

Fasting is not only safe and healthy, it provides an INCREDIBLE amount of benefit to our bodies including accelerated fat loss, rapid ketosis, elevation in fat burning hormones, thyroid regulation, improved gut health, and lowered blood sugar to name a few! The 28-Day Keto Kickstart comes with easy to follow guidelines explaining everything step by step.

Complete, Itemized Preferred Food List

What are the best protein choices? What about Fats or Veggies? The 28-Day Keto Kickstart comes with a detailed food list to choose from. It includes the best Protein, Fat and Veggie options to choose from, so NO MORE GUESSING! Just pick from the list, adjust your portion to match yours and ENJOY!

Supplement Recommendations Including Coach's Personal Immunity Cocktail!

Although the supplements recommended aren't necessary to complete the challenge, they are suggested. The 28-Day Keto Kickstart comes with a list and detailed descriptions of health-based supplements to improve energy, mental clarity, fat metabolism and immune function. We even include links to purchase them from Amazon for convenience! (We are not affiliated with or endorse any specific product)

IF YOU GET STARTED TODAY, We'll throw in the SUPERCHARGE workout bundle, including a Metabolic Conditioning workout AND the Abs and Glutes Blast, PLUS Coach JT's Personal Rules for Success. ALL FOR FREE!!

Supercharge Workout Bundle PLUS Top Rules for Success!

Throughout the program you will see optional "SUPERCHARGE" tips to accelerate your results! This FREE add on pack includes a Gym-Based Supercharged Metabolic Conditioning workout AND a home-based Abs and Glutes Blast workout! Coach also shares his Top Rules for success (based on 3 decades of experience working with thousands of clients). Simple, easy to implement items that are INCREDIBLY VALUABLE to your success. 


Going to the office or your family's house and everyone asks you...
"What the heck have you been doing, you look amazing!"

You just smile and say "I made a few simple changes to my food..., started to exercise a little each day.

Think about how it would feel if you were 15-30lbs lighter and you had to go shopping for smaller sizes! 

You've started loving what you see in the mirror again!


You FINALLY start looking forward to taking pictures you've always avoided. After waiting and wishing for so many years to see this kind of change, this has turned out to be the best thing you've ever done for yourself.. and it was SO SIMPLE. - and you're just getting started!
"KETO" is SO MUCH MORE than just cutting carbs... The 28-Day Keto Kickstart Shows You Why and How! AND without going to the Gym, Counting Macros or battling Keto Flu!

AND NO Worries Or Risk... Because It All Comes With A
100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
30 Day Money Back. If you complete the 28-day Keto Kickstart and don't think its worth every penny, I'll refund you 100% no questions asked and you can all keep the bonuses! PLUS I'll offer you a FREE 1 on 1 Coaching Call with ME - Coach JT (A $500 VALUE) to answer questions and help get on track and be successful! What do you have to lose?!

AND FOR ONLY  $97!! (One Time Only)

Self Esteem
 I can’t tell you the last time I have been this happy with myself! I am only 2 weeks in and so much happier with the person I am and that I’m becoming. You are gonna get so tired of me thanking you but I finally feel like I have a purpose on this earth and I’m not depressed with myself anymore and refuse to go back to that!
Eliminate Bloating
Before the Challenge I was on two medications, had GERD and almost always experienced painful bloating after I ate. Sometimes I didn't even want to eat because of it! Today no more GERD, no more bloating and my health has never been better. 
Improved Sleep
I've tried melatonin, prescription sleep meds, meditating, different covers, you name it and I STILL slept horrible. Then it was 3 cups of coffee in the AM, and an energy drink at 2:00 every day. NOW I fall alseep within 30-minutes, and maybe wake up once. It feels AMAZING to get up feeling rested and have my natural energy back!!


OPTION 1: GIVE UP... Keep dreaming about change instead of acting, and watch the weight pile on, illness persist, and aging accelerate. Remember, inaction is still a choice, and it leads to stagnation.
OPTION 2: STRUGGLE FOREVER... You've managed to hold on so far. No more weight gain or new health issues...yet. But are you content with just staying the same, never improving? Think about it.

OPTION 3: COMMIT TO CHANGE... 28 days to transform your life - lose up to 30lbs, increase energy, improve gut health, boost self-esteem, feel proud, sleep better and so much more. Stop dreaming, start taking action - seize the chance and make real change happen.. now!


Coach JT

Coach JT, founder of EVOLVE with JT and renowned health/wellness entrepreneur, inspires change with 28 years of personal development/nutrition/fitness expertise. As an outspoken expert, JT leads by example, delivering results with a straightforward approach, impacting thousands over the last 3 decades. Experience Coach JT's passion and dedication for yourself. With high expectations, he practices what he preaches, showing it in himself and those he touches. Commit to transformation with Coach JT.

Coach JT/Evolve with JT voted “Best Weight Loss Program” and recipient of the reader’s choice awards the last 5th consecutive years. In addition to Personal and Private coaching, JT is an author, a public speaker, podcaster, Social Media Influencer, and online course creator. As founder of the EVOLVE wellness initiative he manages a corporate wellness program to over 700 employees including Fire/EMS first responders, elected commissioner/officials, animal control officers/employees and more creating a ground floor impact on the community.

JT, a seasoned consultant to doctors, athletes, and reality show contestants, has an impressive track record of improving health through nutrition and natural supplementation. With decades of experience, JT has successfully treated Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Thyroid Disorders, Hormonal Irregularities, Pancreatic Disease, Digestive Disorders, and Cancer. From 2013-2020, JT worked in a clinic with medical professionals, seeing 15-25 patients daily and helping hundreds achieve improved health and reduced medication dependence.

Now after nearly 30 Years of experience with thousands of clients, incredible personal change, 7 years of clinical proof, He’s releasing everything in a series of online courses to share with the world!

IF you've had a hard time sticking to keto in the past, this program is ideal for you! 

Specifically designed to provide rapid results AND to be simple to follow with NO MACRO counting, NO GYM and NO KETO FLU! 

If you don't agree I'll give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked and you can even keep all the bonuses! PLUS I'll offer you a FREE 1on1 Coaching Call with ME ($500 VALUE) to help you fix where things went wrong!


What the heck are MACROS?
Macro's (Macro Nutrients) are just a fancy name for "Protein - Carbs - Fats". Things we need in MACRO amounts. It's a simple way to refer to all 3 at the same time without saying each one individually. "Micros" (Micronutrients) are everything else, IE Vitamins, Minerals. So when someone says "What are your Macros?" what they're asking is how much Protein, Fat and Carbs do you have. 
What if I start and have to stop?
No Problem! Of course, do your best to plan and prepare for success, but if something comes up outside of your control and you need to stop and restart in a week or 2, that's totally fine. If you're only going to be off track for a day or so, just get right back at it and extend your 28-days by a day or 2 that you missed
Can I do it more than once?
Yes you can! There's no reason you couldn't either continue beyond the 28-days OR start back over and complete another 28 the same way you did the first time. 
Can I Go to the gym or do more exercise?
Absolutely! Although the program is based on the fact that you don't NEED to go to the gym, but you certainly can. If you're already working out and doing cardio, you can keep that up or even increase your cardio without any problem at all! I have even included SUPERCHARGE tips and FREE bonus workouts with the program for people who want to do a little more.
Can I do this if I'm a diabetic? 
Officially I need to advise you to always check with your doctor or health care provider before starting ANY new program. That being said, I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of type 1 and type 2 diabetics that have eaten this way to eliminate meds, lower blood sugar, reduce insulin resistance and even control type 2 diabetes! 
Do I need to be in good shape to do the Challenge?
Not at all. In fact, you could be completely out of shape and just starting for the first time. The 28-Day Keto Kickstart is designed to work for anyone at any level from beginner to advanced. 
Can I do this if I'm a vegetarian?
Yes you can! As a vegetarian you will just need to make the necessary adjustments to the foods you have. If you're a Vegan this type of nutrition program will be harder to do, because of the recommended Macros (Fats and protein with LOW Carbs)
Is Keto Safe?
Not only is Keto safe, it's VERY healthy for our bodies. Ketones (BHB) are made from your own body fat and are a much cleaner, healthier, more sustainable form of fuel for our bodies (with NO side effects like sugar has). It also promotes rapid fat loss, improved gut health, increased energy, better sleep, lower blood sugar, better immune function etc. It also has numerous health benefits including heart health, elimination of fatty liver, inflammatory diseases, and even insulin resistance. 
What should I do if I mess up and get off track?
Don't worry. Just get right back on track and keep going! If you ate extra or had some junk food, you could always do a little extra exercise or just add the "off track" days back and extend the 28-days.
Are coffee and no calorie diet drinks OK? 
Black coffee or coffee with stevia and or Heavy cream (as your fat for the meal) would be totally fine! Regarding diet sodas, I don't recommend having them on a regular basis. Although they are listed as "no calorie" they have artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated vegetable oils (trans fats), food dyes etc., They can even be sweet enough to provoke an insulin response without having calories.
Do I have to count my macros?
NOPE! BUT you will be keeping track of amounts. "Ball-parking" is always ill advised, especially while you're losing fat. You need to start learning how much, how often and what types of food you should be having to be successful long-term. Just get close to the recommendations and you can learn about counting Macros later!!
Do I have to buy anything else to do this challenge?
No you don't! You can do the 28-day Keto Kickstart without any supplements, test strips etc., if you want to. In the program I do make some recommendations that will help you be successful, but they aren't a requirement, just a recommendation. I don't sell any products or endorse/represent any specific brand either.
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