Extreme body transformation by Alchemy



ALCHEMY's® success rate is so high because Every single STEP of your training and nUtrition is included

 Ever feel like your body is holding you hostage? 
Break free with Alchemy® – the 84-day journey that transforms your body from to a powerhouse.

Are you tired of settling for a version of yourself that falls short? 
Alchemy® will literally take you from self-doubt to unstoppable and from average to extraordinary.

Imagine being in your 40's, 50's or even 60's and experiencing changes in body fat, strength and health that you haven't seen since your 20's. 

Sound impossible? SEE FOR YOURSELF!

(All images and testimonials are from actual clients who have completed our program and did not receive any compensations for their endorsements. There are no guaranteed outcomes. Results will vary based on each persons’ unique circumstances, capacity, commitment and work ethic).

FAT LOSS 51+lbs

"Alchemy® has changed my life. I understand my nutrition my meals and exercises. I got out of my norm and comfort zone and now I'm Leaner and stronger than ever."
Brian has been working out for years and had already lost a lot of weight. But like so many others he was stuck. No matter what he tried, he couldn't cut down any further. After 84 days of Alchemy® Brian is RIPPED, stronger, more fit than ever before and will tell you that Alchemy has changed his life!

FAT LOSS 19 lbs 

"I'm down 19lbs, 28 total Inches and 10.8% body fat and my Strength and Confidence is THROUGH THE ROOF!. You've made everything SO SIMPLE. All you have to do is follow the directions."
Erin will simply tell you "If you follow it, it works". Alchemy's® detailed step by step instructions will guide you every step of the way. Just follow the instructions work hard and achieve the best shape of your life! Like Coach says it's "Simple Not Easy".

FAT LOSS 55 lbs

"Regardless of the price it’s the best investment you can ever make. I can't believe I look this good! I'm down 55lbs, over 7 in my waist, my Abs are HERE TO STAY!” 
Chris has been training for years and has always wanted to be lean enough to "see his abs". Alchemy® not only changed his physique and his health, is changed his mindset and his life! Chris is now a successful functional fitness trainer and avid health and wellness enthusiast, coaching others towards a healthy lifestyle himself! 

"Alchemy® is NO JOKE. I am down 75lbs and 9 inches off my waist! This program is MAGIC AND THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO EXPLAIN IT. – B. Barber

FAT LOSS 40 lbs

245 to 205 in 84 Days at 49 years old. I'm stronger, have better cardio and I'm leaner than I've EVER been AND my energy is off the charts! Alchemy® works like nothing else can, PERIOD.
"I've been training for almost 3 decades and ALCHEMY® is the only thing that has brought me to his current condition. Even after 18-months post Alchemy® I'm STILL maintaining this condition with the tools Alchemy® provides."

FAT LOSS 45 lbs

"No matter how many times and way I tried, I couldn't kick my bad habits. Alchemy® taught me what to do and showed me the results of hard work! In just the first 2 months I've lost 32lbs and gained muscle and confidence!"
Like so many others Tonya struggled with her relationship with food and weight loss. With Alchemy's® strict, step-by step system keeps you on track by eliminating confusion. It was so much easier for her do follow through and finally make the changes she had been wanting.

FAT LOSS 27 lbs

"Alchemy® is hands-down THE BEST, complete body transformation program out there. Alchemy took me to a whole other level. It gives your body will have no other choice than show insane results."
Tyler, in his 40's, has been training for 24 years. In the gym 5-6x week, training and eating the best way he knew how, but was fighting to just maintain. He believed he was the best he could ever be. Alchemy® IMMEDIATELY broke through his plateaus and in 84 days Tyler was ripped! 

"At age 46, this is the fittest and healthiest I have ever been in my entire life. MY only problem with this program is having to buy an entire new wardrobe – even my “skinny” clothes are huge!!! " – Julie

FAT LOSS 15 lbs

“The results are God-Sized for sure! They are nothing short of supernatural. I've lost 15Lbs and gained more muscle and confidence than I ever thought I could."
Bethany had the discipline, she just lacked the knowledge and the right ingredients. She had tried every "macro calculator" she could find and only got conflicting results. Alchemy's® custom macros, workouts, meal schedule and step-by-step guidance gave her EXACTLY what she needed. She saw more change in 6 weeks than she had in over 5 years previously.

FAT LOSS 45 lbs

"I can't believe it's me when I see myself in the mirror and it's all because of Alchemy®. I've tried so hard for so long with very little results. This is the secret sauce. You really have changed my life."
All Scott needed was the right direction. Like so many others who are disciplined and are working hard, it gets frustrating when you don't have results to show for it. Alchemy® combined with your hard work is "the secret sauce" to the results you've been dreaming about. 

FAT LOSS 27 lbs

"It is amazing how I have grown and gotten my physical life back since starting! I feel incredible and I am SO HAPPY with my results! 27lbs & 30+ inches in less than 90 days I cannot thank you enough." 
Colleen was stuck! Even when she applied herself, she wasn't seeing any progress which led to quitting. That all changed the day she started Alchemy®! She simply followed the custom nutrition and workout recommendations and in 84 days a NEW IMPROVED COLLEEN! 

“This program is priceless. No amount of money it too much. It is worth its weight in Gold and Coach has absolutely hit the mark with Alchemy®. Just do it!” - S. Barber

FAT LOSS 30 lbs

"In less than 84 days, I'm lifting more weight at 140lbs than I ever was at 170 and I've never been even close to this lean before. I wouldn’t be who I am today without it."
Jamie wasn't out of shape to begin with, but in under 84 days he made this transformation. It's not luck, genetics or secret pills, it's Alchemy® plus discipline.  Everything you need for spectacular results PLUS the knowledge to keep going long-term. UPDATE: It's been 1 year since Jamie completed this transformation and he's STILL crushing it!

FAT LOSS 60+ lbs 

"This program changed my life, my body, my health and even put me on a new career path. I have a new lease on life."
Krissy was ready for a drastic change and wasn't interested in tip toeing around. From day 1 she was committed to change and has never looked back. The transformation in her health, mindset, happiness and her body is just incredible.


“Coach JT has changed my life!I couldn’t have done it without him. I thank God every day that they crossed my path and for Alchemy®."
Cindy struggled with her weight, confidence and a love for sugar. Despite repeated attempts to get healthy, she couldn't break away. Within days, she noticed changes. Within weeks, she felt different, looked different and was starting to have a different mindset. 

“Week 6, 21.2 pounds of fat gone and strength is off the charts. Only problem is finding some clothes to fit. Good problems." – J. Simmons 

FAT LOSS 60 lbs

"I can personally attest to this being the most effective program ever created!! Personally down 60+ pounds and the muscle I was able to put on is just incredible. With Alchemy® you’ll learn what it takes to lose the weight and change your life forever." 
Jonathan grew up heavy and has struggled with weight his entire adult life. He hasn't been this light, this lean or this fit ever in his entire life. Alchemy® gave him everything he needed, he just provided the discipline and desire. It's not special pills, shots or quick fixes. Its HARD WORK and the proper nutrition and training. 
“This was WAY outside my comfort zone, but that's exactly what I needed. This change has created a ripple effect that will last the rest of my life."
James has been active, working out and health-conscious since he was young. Now in his late 50's he's in better mental and physical shape than he could have ever imagined and he's easily maintaining! Age doesn't matter if you have the right ingredients to change.
“Alchemy® was life changing for me. I felt the need to take things to the next level and was in search of something that was more than average. I did lose 20 pounds but the best part is that I gained energy and clarity of the mind which was more important to me. The things I learned are priceless” 
- Brenda

Limited Space Available!

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  • EXTREME FAT LOSS and total body recomposition! Ripped and stronger than ever before & at any age!
  • INCREDIBLE ENERGY that starts when you open your eyes and never slows down!
  • STRENGTH GAINS Imagine having the strength you did in your 20's in your 50's.
  • CONTROL FOOD CRAVINGS Feel TRULY satisfied, without cravings AND get to indulge!!
  • SELF-ESTEEM LOVE the way you look and feel again. No more avoiding the mirror!
  • HEALTHY GUT Say goodbye to bloating and acid reflux!
  • GREAT SLEEP Imagine getting a great night's sleep AND feeling rested every morning! 
  • LEARN EXACTLY how to eat and why. Understand macros and never guess again!
  • LOOK AMAZING Finally see what it's like to look and feel AMAZING everywhere you go. Lets see those abs!


  • WEIGHT LOSS from muscle, water and fat, leaving you with a higher overall % of body fat.
  • ​LESS ENERGY leaving you fatigued, sore and sleepy all day long.
  • LOSS OF STRENGTH Due to inadequate protein and improper exercise programming.
  • ​CRAVINGS GET WORSE because you're eating too restrictive so your body wants CARBS.
  • WORSE SELF ESTEEM: you lose muscle instead of fat, get weak and look saggy and worse.
  • ​BLOATING and stomach pain worse due to poor food mgmt. Then it's more meds!
  • ​POOR SLEEP and restlessness due to hunger, low hormones, stimulant-based diet pills.
  • ​LEARN NOTHING just more confusing info. No long-term change, just more frustration.
  • ​SAME OL THING. Continue the roller coaster ride of short-lived results and starting over.

All images and testimonials are from actual clients who have completed our program and did not receive any compensations for their endorsements. There are no guaranteed outcomes. Results will vary based on each persons’ unique circumstances, capacity, commitment and work ethic.

"Coach JT cuts though all the BS and confusing info and gives you clear, concise, easy to understand instructions that provide immediate and long-term results to fat loss and improved health. He really knows his stuff" -JB

This is a very small sample of Actual Clients, Men and Women Just Like You who are already crushing Alchemy® and getting unbelievable results!

Extreme Fat Loss and Body Recomposition
"I just started the program and the first 2 weeks, I am already down a solid 22.6 pounds. It's unbelieveable! I have better self peace, consistent motivation, confidence, a better attitude, better health, and increased energy."
Step-By-Step = IMMEDIATE Results 
"If you are serious about weight loss this is your chance!! I’ve lost 12 pounds in ther first 3 weeks of following Alchemy®. I have never been able to accomplish this even with hitting the gym 4/5 days a week. There is a whole community supporting each other, proving that it works!"  
Youthful Strength Gains!
"I'm stronger in my 60's than I was in my 30's! and I’m down almost 40 lbs. Muscle mass is up 5% and I've lost over 8 inches off my waist alone! It is amazing how much I have grown and gotten my physical life back since we have become a part of the Alchemy® family. I feel great and I am SO HAPPY with my results!" 
Increase in Energy/Stamina!
"Fatigue and the afternoon CRASH at 2PM was something I believed just came with age. I was using coffee and energy drinks daily with little to no result. When I started Alchemy®, it was like a boost of energy from week 1 and it has only gotten better. From the moment I get up to the time I go to bed. And the difference is that its REAL energy and not jittery, fake energy that comes with a crash!"
Eliminate Sugar Cravings and Feel Satisfied!
"I was addicted to sugar and treats! No matter how many times and ways I tried, I couldn't kick my bad habits. This program has taught me how to finally do that and showed me the results of hard work! In a matter of weeks, I've lost 27 pounds and gained muscle and confidence!"
Increased Mental Clarity!
"Fatigue and brain fog was a normal thing I had become accustomed to before I started! Since Starting Alchemy, I've had amazing mental clarity and natural energy from day 1 and it never has went away! I know I should have expected it, but it was still an incredible change! I don't ever want to go back"!
Get Your Self-Esteem Back!
"I can’t tell you the last time I have been this happy with myself! I am only 2 weeks in and so much happier with the person I am and that I’m becoming. You are gonna get so tired of me thanking you but I finally feel like I have a purpose on this earth and I’m not depressed with myself anymore and refuse to go back to that!"
Support and Community = Results
"The encouragement, support and commaradary is priceless. It really helps me to have accountability with others on my same journey. There is a whole community supporting each other, proving that Alchemy® REALLY works"

Who Is Alchemy® Ideal For?

  • Men and Women looking for EXTREME Fat LOSS: People are losing 30, 40, even 50lbs in ONLY 84 Days and getting RIPPED!
  • Anyone already in great shape or who has been before: Specifically designed for people who are familiar with hard work and discipline. 
  • ​If you're serious about gaining strength and endurance: Imagine feeling like you did in your 20's again or BETTER!
  • Anyone who wants to be in the best shape of their Life: Age doesn't matter if you have the right ingredients. 
  • People who are ready to build LIFE-LONG foundational habits: Your health and fitness is FOREVER. 84 days will be the beginning of the rest of your new life.
  • If you're sick of feeling weak and fatigued: Stop feeling twice your age and crashing every day at 2:00! This is the prime of your life!
  • People who have tried everything with no results: Alchemy® is RESULTS DRIVEN and has step-by-step detailed instructions to optimize your success. 
  • You are someone who wants your confidence & self esteem back: Imagine loving who you see in the mirror again or for the first time ever!
  • ​Anyone ready to commit to a strict results focused program : Are you done with "fad diets" and ready for real change? It's simple, but it's not easy.
  • You have the discipline & desire but lack the know how: Desire must be met with knowledge. Here you go!
  • ​​If you're someone who LOVES a CHALLENGE. Alchemy® is called EXTREME for a reason. Challenge accepted?
  • If you're someone who thrives in a super-strict, step-by-step environment. Alchemy® eliminates 100% of the guesswork. ALL you need to bring is discipline and desire. We'll do the rest.
  • You're sick and tired or looking and feeling older than you feel inside. Aren't you over feeling weak, achy, fat and uncomfortable? Imagine feeling strong, lean, healthy and active!
  • ​If you want to STAND OUT and aren't interested in being average. Alchemy® isn't for the ordinary. It's for the EXTRAordinary. 
  • ​If you're someone who wants to FINALLY have a 6-pack! Have you ever seen your abs? Imagine taking your shirt off and feeling SO CONFIDENT.
  • ​If you're tired of tip toeing around and are ready for MASSIVE CHANGE. Alchemy® is an ALL IN program. The more you commit the more you'll change.



FULL - Digital Program Access in our APP or via Desktop Computer

The entire program, including every workout, food lists, calendars and everything else are all available IN APP (and Online) for easy reference anywhere, anytime. Look at your workouts while you're at the gym, meals while you're in the kitchen or at work, check your calendar from anywhere... you'll never be without everything you need right at your finger tips!

FULL - Audio Program Walkthrough And Explanation W/ COACH JT!

The entire program was designed to be super easy to understand, step-by-step and very detailed. BUT, Coach has taken it a step further and included a COMPLETE audio walkthrough of the entire program, broken down by each individual section. Just click the link and follow along as he offers even more detail and personal tips/tricks so you can get the most out of Alchemy®! (Coach will also elaborate on his personal success tips as well!)

60 Minute 1 on 1 Onboarding Call With Program Creator, Coach JT

You will have a 60 minute 1 on 1 onboarding call with the program creator himself. During this call, Coach JT will provide you with personalized guidance and support to help you get started with the program and ensure that you have a clear understanding of the program's objectives and how to make the most out of it. You can also use this time to ask questions or share any concerns you would like him to address

Custom Macros and Refeed Macros Designed FOR YOU by Coach JT 

No more Cookie Cutter, One Size Fits All Plans Or Generic Macro Calculators. Coach JT personally designs each macro plan based on your unique 10-point questionnaire. You’ll know your EXACT grams of Protein, Fat and Carbs per day and per meal. Coach has had close to 30 years of experience with thousands of clients. You’ll even get access to Coach’s Personal Food Journal to track your macros and supplements.

Coach's Success Mindset and Clarity Tools 

In this program section, you'll receive exclusive access to Coach JT's proven success mindset and clarity tools. These tools and worksheets will help you understand and cultivate the mindset and habits necessary for going FAR beyond ordinary goals and staying on track throughout the program and for the rest of your life.

84 Day - Meal by Meal - Guided Food Journal w/ Completed Examples

Alchemy® has a complete meal by meal, 84 day guided food journal that will help you track every single detail to ensure that you're staying on track. You'll also have access to completed food journal examples from others in the program that will provide inspiration and ideas for meal variations. This section is a program favorite!

Meal Frequency Guidelines

How many meals should you be having per day and how often should you be having them? Don't worry, Alchemy® has very detailed, specific instruction for meal frequency. You’ll know the exact number of meals you should have per day, exactly how much to have at each meal, when to have them, even how many hours apart your meals should be. 

Macros Explained 101 Plus Macro Tracking Tips

Coach JT breaks down macros with you (Protein, Fat, Carbs) so you can understand your nutrition better and ultimately be successful and self sufficient long-term. With Alchemy® and Coach JT, even someone who has no experience with macros can become a macro pro. This section comes with it's own audio guide as well!

Alchemy’s® Proprietary Meal by Meal Macro Calculator

Calculate your macros with just a couple of clicks! The Alchemy® Meal Calculator does ALL THE WORK! Just input your provided custom calorie and macro recommendations, select your foods from the drop down list and pick your portions! THAT’S IT! All the calculations happen automagically!! You’ll get a “COACH APPROVED” or “TRY AGAIN” if you need to adjust your portions. You can even save each new meal as a recipe card! 

FULL Itemized Food List with Caloric Breakdown

Ever been confused about what protein options are best? Which fats you should have? How about what vegetables are ok to have? No more guessing! Alchemy® has dozens of itemized protein, fat and veggie options all hand-picked by Coach JT himself.  Each and every food item in the program has its own caloric breakdown along with it.

Supplement and Supply List w/Links PLUS The Immunity Cocktail!

Alchemy® comes with a comprehensive list of all recommended supplements and supplies, complete with detailed descriptions, explanations (written and audio) on why they're recommended. There's even links for easy purchasing on Amazon. Additionally, you'll receive Coach's Immunity Cocktail; a powerful immune-boosting combination that will help support your immune system and overall health throughout the program and ongoing.

Complete Exercise Guide - Detailed Illustrations/Pictures 

A complete exercise guide that provides detailed illustrations and pictures for each and every workout and specific exercises along with targeted muscle groups. We have also included instructions on how to perform each exercise with proper technique, reducing the risk of injury and maximizing your results. 

11 Different Workouts including MetCon, Heavy Strength & Depletion

Coach JT brings 30 years of personal and professional training experience to the design of Alchemy's® workout programming. Heavy strength training, metabolic conditioning and HIIT interval and depletion workouts combined with dedicated zone specific cardiovascular exercise. Alchemy® was designed to maximize fat loss and increase strength and endurance while preserving or even gaining lean muscle mass.

Cardio Options with Detailed Instructions, Levels, Times and Days

Alchemy's® primary goal is fat loss. Coach has provided the ideal list of cardio options, complete with specific machines, detailed instructions, levels, and times for rapid and consistent results. As you progress your cardio changes helping you avoid hitting a frustrating plateaus that cause sub-prime results.

Alchemy® Prep Guide with Detailed Guidelines & Quick Start Guide

Our Alchemy® Prep Guide provides a comprehensive step-by-step "to do list" to help you prepare your mind and body for the program. Doing a prep week (or 2) allows you to get organized and start making some changes prior to actually starting the program. This can skyrocket your success rate and makes a big difference mentally as well. 

15 Page Itemized FAQ for Nutrition, Exercise and General Questions 

A 15 page itemized FAQ that will help you easily addresses any questions related to the program. Each and every question was derived from actual Alchemy® participants during the first 12 months. You will also have access to the private Facebook group, group experts and Coach JT's Lives. Don't worry, we've got you!

Keto Flu Remedy & Testing Ketones Guide 

Alchemy's® Keto Flu Remedy will show you, step by step secrets to assist in reducing/eliminating the common symptoms of the "keto flu" and feel amazing right away! You'll also receive a detailed guide on testing ketones, which will ensure that you're staying on track with your nutrition and training. We make sure you'll have all the tools and resources necessary to be successful.

Private Alchemy® Facebook Group with Live Weekly Coaching

The private Alchemy® Facebook group is where you can connect with other program participants, ask our group expert questions, interact with Coach JT on live calls. This group also provides an incredibly supportive and motivating community that will help you stay accountable and on track. With lifetime access, you'll have the guidance and support you need from day 1 through day 84 and far beyond. 

PLUS - IF YOU GET STARTED TODAY, We'll throw in the Ultra Popular Meal Prep Guide Coach's own personal Abs and Calves Workout AND Coach JT's Personal Rules for Success. ALL FOR FREE!!

Coach's Abs and Calves Workout 
Coach's Rules For Success and Mindset Tools
FULL Meal Prep Guide 

Coach's Abs and Calves Workout: Coach's very own workout that is responsible for his amazing ab and calf development. He shares the specific exercises, sets, reps and rest time. Warning: These workouts are intense and designed specifically for growth and change. They will challenge even the most experienced athlete. 

Coach JT's Rules for Success and Mindset Tools: Coach JT distills a set of personal rules and mental exercises that have helped he and his clients achieve their goals time and time again over the years. Although these will help you stay on track and CRUSH Alchemy®, they also translate into so many other areas of your life from business to personal. Just like Alchemy®, they're designed to provoke change far beyond just the 84 days.

FULL Meal Prep Guide
Meal Prep doesn't have to be overwhelming and time-consuming. Alchemy's® COMPLETE Meal Prep Guide makes it easy to get started and master meal prep! We've included fundamentals, shopping lists, emergency stash, travel tips, shake options PLUS over 40 food combinations! You'll have everything you need to create fast, delicious meals that will keep you on track and NOT BORED!

IMAGINE LOOKING AND FEELING BETTER NOW than you did in your 20's! 

Imagine the feeling of waking up every day, rested, excited and healthy.. as soon as you stand, immediately being reminded that you’re lighter and more fit than you’ve been in 2 decades

Imagine feeling so proud of what you’ve done, how you look, how you feel and being excited about what’s to come…

Seeing yourself in the mirror and smiling, loving your reflection and knowing that you’ve extended your life and now you're able to do things you’ve avoided for years like going to the beach and being active with your kids or grandkids

Getting to shop for all new clothes and being excited to get rid of the old ones and loving how the new ones fit.

After waiting and wishing for so many years to see this kind of change, this has turned out to be the best thing you've ever done for yourself.. and it was SO SIMPLE.


00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Limited Space Available!

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Are You Ready To Be In The Best Shape of Your Life!

“I will never be the same. I’m in this for life! I turn 42 in a couple of weeks and in the best shape of my life thanks to Alchemy®!" - Amber 

Healthy Gut and Healthy BODY!
"Before Alchemy® I was on multiple medications, had GERD and Barrets Esophasgus and high blood pressure. After just a few weeks, I have no more bloating, have stopped ALL my medications, lost 4 inches in my waist, went from 5 to 8 hours of sleep, and my resting heart rate has dropped 30 BPM!"
Deep, Quality Sleep!
"I've tried melatonin, prescription sleep meds, meditating, different covers, you name it and I STILL slept horrible. Then it was three cups of coffee in the morning and an energy drink at 2:00 every day. NOW I fall alseep within 30 minutes, and maybe wake up once. It feels AMAZING to wake up each day feeling rested and have my natural energy back!!"
ENJOY the Foods you Love!
Imagine getting more results in fat loss, strength gains, muscle mass, energy, hormones and more while indulging in your favorite foods like pancakes, cookies, brownies, and cinnamon rolls! Another Reason Alchemy® is SO UNIQUE!
Cardiovascular and Muscular Enduarance
Taking care of yourself and being fit and strong goes beyond the benefits of physical appearance. I'm stronger than I've ever been and I'm in the best shape of my life physically, but mentally I've become even stronger. I have a feeling of peace & zen I've never had before. 
Hormone Increase and Regulation
Hormones play a critical role in regulating metabolism, muscle growth, and fat loss. We understand the importance of hormone optimization for achieving your fitness goals. Alchemy® is designed to help you increase and regulate your hormones through proper nutrition and training. Our science based approach has been proven to help our clients achieve extreme fat loss, recomposition, and overall body transformation
LIFE-LONG Nutrition and Exercise Knowledge
"Alchemy® has changed my life and my perspective. I now actually understand my nutrition and my fitness. I’m a lot more conscious about my meals and my exercises. Got out of my norm and comfort zone and I'm leaner and stronger than ever". Alchemy® goes far beyond "do this" instruction. Step-by-step instruction WITH details on how and why so you can understand be successful LONG-TERM. "


Limited Space Available!

To See If You Qualify - Book Your FREE Call TODAY 


Who is Coach JT

Coach JT is a renowned health/wellness entrepreneur, Coach and athlete with 28 years of personal development in nutrition, fitness and mindset coaching. As an outspoken expert, JT leads by example, delivering results with a straightforward approach, directly impacting thousands over the last 3 decades. Experience Coach JT's passion and dedication for yourself; with high expectations, he practices what he preaches, showing it in himself and those he touches.

Coach JT/Evolve with JT voted “Best Weight Loss Program” and recipient of the Reader’s Choice Awards the last 6th consecutive years. In addition to personal and private coaching, JT is an author, a public speaker, podcaster, social media influencer, and online course creator. As founder of the EVOLVE wellness initiative he runs corporate wellness programming to over 1000 employees including Fire/EMS, first responders, elected commissioner/officials, animal control officers, disaster management and more creating a ground floor impact on the community.

JT, a seasoned consultant to doctors, athletes, and reality show contestants, has an impressive track record of fat loss and physique augmentation. With decades of experience, JT has successfully trained and consulted with professional bodybuilders, figure and fitness competitors, olympic athletes, Biggest Loser Contestants and much more. With decades of experience, JT has successfully assisted thousands of clients make lifestyle changes that reduce the symptoms of metabolic diseases, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid disorders, hormonal irregularities, pancreatic disease, digestive disorders and cancer. From 2013-2020, JT worked in a clinic with medical professionals, seeing 15-25 patients daily and helping hundreds achieve improved health and reduced medication dependence.

Now after 29 years and thousands client transformations, incredible personal change and better health at 50 than ever before; He’s sharing everything!!


Alchemy® is The FIRST (and only known) Fat loss and Recomposition program designed specifically for people who aren’t fat.


Alchemy’s® nutrition is a carefully calculated combination of cyclic keto, carb loading, water only fasting, nutritional ketosis and nutrient timing


Alchemy’s® strength training was designed for the specific goal of fat loss, strength/muscle gains and overall recomposition (fat to muscle ratio). It combines heavy strength, metabolic conditioning and depletion interval training with HIIT, interval and progressive steady state cardio programming.

Are My Macros really Personalized?

Most people use JUST weight and activity level OR JUST body type to ballpark your macros.

Alchemy® doesn’t ballpark anything. It uses 10 data points to determine your specific daily nutrition macros AND your carb loading/refeed macros (both different).

Data Points used in Alchemy Macro Calculation:
  • 1-Age 2-Height 3-Weight 4-Gender 5-Waist Size 6-Body Fat % 7-Muscle Mass 8-Daily Activity level
  • 9-Exercise Volume 10-Body Type PLUS Coach will use your before pictures to make finite adjustments


Alchemy® focuses on BOTH. EXTREME short-term change with immediate and sustained progress AND the education you need for LONG TERM maintenance and lifelong success. Alchemy® has it ALL.

If you're in your 40's 50's or even 60's and you've been dreaming of being lean, and strong again or getting there for the first time EVER, Alchemy® is exactly what you've been searching for.


Are Alchemy's® macro calculations really different from anyone else?
Most people use JUST weight and activity level OR JUST body type to ballpark your macros.  Alchemy® doesn’t ballpark anything. It uses 10 data points to determine your specific daily nutrition macros AND your carb loading/refeed macros (both different).

Data Points used in Alchemy® Macro Calculation:
 1-Age 2-Height 3-Weight 4-Gender 5-Waist Size 6-Body Fat % 7-Muscle Mass 8-Daily Activity level 
9-Exercise Volume 10-Body Type 
**PLUS Coach will use your before pictures to make finite adjustments.
What equipment do I need or do I need a gym membership?
My number one suggestion is to go to the gym. The workouts provided are based on the variety of equipment found at the gym. It’s easier, cheaper and much more effective. Option 2: If you have enough equipment at home, you could also do it from home, but it will be harder. At the very least need to have a minimum amount of weights to train heavy and a treadmill for cardio. Option 3 (not recommended): Functional training with a sandbag. You could modify each exercise on the example workouts and do them with a sandbag and bodyweight and do your cardio outside. There are three big issues doing this. 1-You won’t be able to lift heavy, do the variety of lifts or vary your weights at all. 2-You’re going to have to be in really good shape in order to run or run/walk interval for 1-2 hours a day outside. 3- The workouts, as with everything else are designed for a very specific reason. Avoiding the Heavy Strength or The MetCon or the Depletion will at the very least minimize results.
Will I have a chance to talk to Coach JT directly?
Everyone gets a 30 minute, private one-on-one onboarding call with Coach. After that you will be able to interact with Coach on the weekly group coaching calls. You can also email his team with any questions that may arise. This is not personal coaching; it is a self-paced, all-inclusive online program. If you are interested in working with Coach JT you can discuss this on your FREE onboarding call or you can reach out anytime (space is limited).
I have physical limitations, can I still do Alchemy®? 
First and foremost always seek the advice of your own medical practitioner and/or mental health provider about your specific health situation. If you're cleared by your doctor we highly recommend booking a free 15-minute consult with Coach to make sure you're good to go. To book a consult go here: https://calendly.com/evolvewithjt/free-consult-with-coach-jt
How is the program content structured?
In order to help everyone learn and retain as much information as possible, all of the information in the program has been written and is also reviewed via audio narration by Coach JT. Overall, everything is laid out in a very simple, easy to follow, step-by-step format. Every single section of the entire program is detailed, step by step to make things as simple and easy to understand as possible. As Coach says, "simple not easy".

There is also a quick start guide to use as a general overview or for those who are ready to jump right in and have more experience with macros, training and meal prep.
What if I don’t do all the workouts or nutrition perfectly? Will I still get results??
Absolutely. No question. In fact, the program was designed knowing very few people will do everything 100%. Life will always happen. Although modifications have been made to the program to account for small things like occasional missed meals, missed workouts, dietary slip-ups, etc., the most important thing is to just keep moving and try to keep things like that to a minimum. Just know and expect that if you only put in 50%, that’s what you’re going to get (which is OK if that’s all you want, this is all about YOU and YOUR expectations). If you put in 100%, you’ll get 100% results. Overall, you can’t skip meals, skip workouts, miss your supplements, drink half of your water, sleep 5 hours at night, eat sugar, drink alcohol on the weekends, ballpark your portions, etc. and expect good results.
What kind of additional support will I have? 
After purchase, you will have access to the private Alchemy® Facebook group with a fast growing community of other people doing Alchemy®. From people who are just starting, to people who have finished, to people halfway through or even others who are starting it back after having to stop. You can lean on this community for support, find accountability partners, workout partners, etc. Coach JT also does live coaching calls to encourage, coach, answer questions and help keep everyone on track. If it’s something personal/private you need help with, you can always email us. You can also do personal coaching with Coach JT as he helps you through Alchemy®. Overall, Alchemy® is designed to help you learn self-discipline, consistency and self-reliance along with nutrition and training education. You will always be your own best support, but we will always be here for you too.
What is the daily time commitment?
Nutrition - You will need time to grocery shop and meal prep. It's entirely possible to meal prep for the week in 2 hours - see our Meal Prep Guide inside the program for specific recommendations. You will also need to account for time to you'll need each day eat multiple meals (and shakes) and to track your macros in the Daily Food Journal (provided).
Exercise – The amount of time you will work out is progressive. The first month you will be working out 90 minutes, the second month 2 hours and the third month 2.5 hours per day. (Again, this is a variable that you could modify if you need to. Remember, if you can only do 1 hour, you can STILL get great results).
Do I have to be local or come see anyone?
Nope! You will not come to the office or see Coach JT for anything. Everything you need will be provided inside the program and virtual. People all over the US and abroad are doing ther program successfully!
Is Alchemy® healthy, can I do it long-term?
Although Alchemy® isn’t unhealthy, it is intense and will need some slight modifications for long-term use. Primarily because the macros created for your initial fat loss won’t be accurate or nearly as effective after losing what you do over the course of the program. You won't need to continue the refeed schedule and your workouts would need to change as well. Additionally your goals may be completely different. However, if you wanted to do it for 4-6 months or stop/restart multiple times, you certainly could. There is also an “After Alchemy®” section that will help you make the adjustments to your macros and your workouts for long-term maintenance. You can also have your macros redone by Coach JT if you want. 
I have a lot of weight to lose, can I do Alchemy® longer?
If you wanted to do it for 4-6+ months you certainly could but initially, I encourage you just to focus on the 84 days ahead of you. As you get closer to the end of the program you can reference the “After Alchemy®” section to review your options. Coach can also redo your macros for you once you complete the 84 days if necessary. Theres no reason you cant continue to do Alchemy® (or very similar), but modifications to your macros and or your workouts may be necessary to make sure your results stay consistent.


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